Attainment and Your Dream

Attainment and Your Dream

Decades ago I knew Long Range Rifle (LRR) shooting was for me. There is a combination of skill, thinking, and hardware that just seems so right. My love of military history fuels the dream; decades of being underfunded (i.e. "poor") and ill equipped didn't stop me. I eventually moved into some shooting sports like USPSA and Muzzleloading but the dream of LRR still called.

Several years ago Bobby Keigans helped me try NRA LRR with a loaner AR and some good advice. Bobby is a good friend, a good man, and a great gunsmith. His AR out shot me easily. Sadly, LRR also requires time, clarity of life, and funds; I was short on all three. Our family was having a rough time; whetting the dream kept it alive but I was unable to bring the dream to fruition.

As a kid I was introduced to Jung's concept of "synchronicity" by the book "The Eagle Has Landed". These days, as a Christian, I view God's will as pretty awesome. James Flowers has been a great friend and knew I wanted to shoot LRR. Out came another loaner AR and the offer of brass, dies, and a bunch of other needed stuff.

This is where the idea of "abundant life" awes me. James provided the rifle and hardware. We had a couple spare tax refund dollars. Then James sends me an advertisement for a "Basic Precision Rifle Course" hosted almost locally. Nothing stood in my way! Well, nothing but my own fears. My own inertia. The door was wide open to something awesome and I just needed to do the work.

Have you ever looked back on life and kicked yourself for not saying "yes" to something great or going "all in" for an awesome opportunity? Me too. It came to a "put up or shut up" moment and, with some encouragement from The Babe, I contacted Daniel Glisson of Precision Addiction to sign up for class.

Daniel is great to work with. He fields my questions easily and I'm looking forward to learning from him. Yet there's more.

World champion shooter Troy Bassham talks about elite performance in his book "Attainment". A key concept is that deep commitment to your goal changes who you are. Daniel said he could teach me to routinely make 600 yard hits. My longest to date is 425 with Bobby Keigan's suppressed .308 and on the spot coaching. My goal does not mean I simply make a 600 yard shot; it means so much more. Committing to my goal transforms me into a person who routinely makes 600 yard shots. Transformation means I will no longer be who I was. Transformation takes us away from the comfortable and known. It's risky business, this transformation thing. Yet should we deny who we are?

I am being transformed through the help of old friends and new. It is a scary time yet I am overwhelmed with joy. Are you ready for transformation? What has your life dream been and are you stepping forward to embrace who you can become?