"Real artists ship." -- Steve Jobs

"Just do it!" -- Nike slogan

"Do Stuff!" -- Me

Seeing people who have achieved lifts us up. I am a science fiction writer and I love to read good books. It is easy for us to think that the author, or the achiever, was bound to be successful. Usually this is as far from reality as it can be and still be a part of our space-time continuum.

Achievers work on ideas. Sometimes their own or sometimes an idea from someone else. It is seldom the nature of the idea itself that gives success. Each of us has hundreds of ideas every week. Sometimes each day. If implemented the ideas would make our lives better and may help others as well.

Ideas are easy to come by. If it was just the idea we would all be achievers. Authors. Great guitar players. Better parents.

Achievers work on ideas. It is the work that brings the achievement. The achiever continues to work on the project. That work includes failure. Achieving requires skill, patience, and resources. The achiever often has to side-step the direct work to gain the resources or skill to achieve. Sometimes these are hard choices and a would be achiever gets discouraged or side-tracked.

Achievers return to their work. We all make mistakes and have setbacks. We all wonder if the task is really worth it. That is a decision each achiever must make for themselves. Sometimes daily.

Achievers work on ideas. Some times the work builds the achiever. Often the work to achieve makes us a different person. A better person. The wise achiever learns to work with and for others.

Achievers work on ideas. What are you working on?