Mental Management when you can die - I Live!

Mental Management when you can die - I Live!

The top people in any sport have what's called a "Passion for the Process". I mentioned this earlier and seeing my behavior in that light clarified why my shooting scores never got much better. I really didn't enjoy the daily practice required to get better. I understood it and could even help others understand it, but it did not engage my passions.

There are people who compete and sometimes win. Statistically, though, 95% of the winning scores are produced by 5% of the competitors. Those people who Lanny says "Train to Win" are at the top levels of their activity. Not only do they have the resources and opportunity to compete but they have the passion for every aspect of their game and are rejuvenated by daily effort towards their goal. They go past the knowledge stage of learning and adjust their behavior to improve their skills on a frequent and demanding schedule.

If you are going to "Train to Win" there will not be any doubt in your mind or in anyone else’s perception of you. You know the challenges you face and what aspects of your performance need the most improvement. If there is a tool you need to succeed then you find a way to adjust your budget and get it. You negotiate with your family for their support and you do what it takes to keep those relationships strong. You still pay attention to what the top competitors are doing but other people start paying attention to what you are doing.

You don't have to "train to win" to enjoy an activity. Winning is nice, but ten years from now will anyone care? Even if they did, would it matter? Let me close this blog series with a two for one deal. This week you get two Mental Management tools for the price of one!

Reaching goals in life is less about what you achieve and more about who you become. Lanny calls this “Attainment”. Pushing yourself to win will force you to face the consequences of your choices and the circumstances of your life. You want to run a marathon and smoke two packs a day? Might want to rethink one or the other. Does the fear of failure activate childhood trauma? Have you treated your family with disdain and now want their full support?

In reaching my goal of cave diving there have been emotional, financial, and professional challenges. I have to continue lifestyle changes to improve my health and ability to perform physically and mentally. The outward goal was just a measurement; the real value has come in terms of personal change and a more joyful, focussed life. Attainment does not come easy and it does not remain without constant review.

Can you use what I have learned to help you? Are you thinking about moving forward in a challenging task and need Mental Management tools to help? Have you found your life’s calling and want to take the next step? I encourage you to move forward because you deserve to live a full life and the world will be a better place when you are fully engaged.

P.S. If you do little else, pick up Lanny’s book “With Winning in Mind” and explore the wisdom straight from the master’s pen. You’ll be glad you did.